This hands-on training course will guide you through every step, from designing to 3D printing. You will learn how to create a basic model in Onshape, modify existing 3D models, and use advanced print techniques available for optimal results. The course is designed for designers, students, users in professional and educational environments to help to increase productivity.

Course Details:

From CAD to Print: Design and Print your own model.

3D Modelling introductory to advanced techniques using Onshape.

  • Course covers Solid modelling, surface modelling and Drafting.
  • Exercises and assignments are provided.
  • Prepare your model for print.

  • File Formats.
  • Checking and making Error free STL files using Meshlab/Netfabb.
  • Techniques for part orientation, layer resolution, Slicing and Scaling.
  • Material types and their suitability for design.
  • Training on slicer tools (Cura/Slic3r) and printing parameters.
  • Printer setup and Printing first model (Max. of 8 hrs Model).
  • Candidate has to work on 3D Printer at our workplace.
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